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What is the AdFest Young Lotus Workshop ?

Asia Pacific Advertising Festival wishes to recognize and encourage the rising stars in the region and offer creative young bloods a direct chance to earn a winning place on the AdFest stage. The Young Creative Workshop will create an environment that allows them to develop skills and learn from award-winning creative directors/gurus and sharpen their talents so they can compete amongst themselves in the lively atmosphere of AdFest.
The Workshop will be facilitated by a select group of “trainers”, collectively called the Young Lotus Workshop Committee. It will take place over the course of 2 or 2 and a half days prior to AdFest itself. The format will consist of speaking slots from “trainers” and a workshop element. Attendees will be coached, briefed and given a work assignment to be completed within 24 hours, which will be judged and a winner selected. A major benefit is that the work will be judged by the Young Lotus Workshop Committee. Winners will be announced at some point during AdFest and presented with an award on stage. The winning works will also be exhibited during the event. All participants will be invited to be delegates for the AdFest event.

In this coming AdFest 2007, Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Bangkok will be the sole project manager. After Craig Davis, Regional Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Asia/Africa had offered to chair the first Young Lotus Workshop Committee in 2004. The Committee would be selected by the AdFest Organizing Committee and agreed with the Chairman, prior to invitation. The second year was chaired by Linda Locke from Leo Burnett Singapore, and the third Young Lotus Workshop in 2006 was chaired by Tay Guan Hin, Regional Executive Creative Director, JWT Singapore.

Objectives of the Workshop

1. To train and sharpen young creative minds to develop effective concepts
2. To support and stimulate new creative young bloods in the region
3. To help the Asia Pacific advertising industry compete in a global market
4. To elect and provide exposure for the most talented young creative team
5. To encourage young creative to strengthen team relations for the workshop

Who should be the attendees ?

It is expected that attendees to the Workshop will be selected through local ad associations. Each association from the AdFest Organizing Committee will select two candidates (preferably 1 art director and 1 copywriter with English speaking skills) to represent the association as a creative team and send them to the Workshop. This can be done through a national competition or by other local selection means.

The age of candidates attending the Young Lotus Workshop will be limited to no more than 30 years of age (born in 1977 or after) no month restriction with 1-5 years experience in the advertising field.

The total number of candidates is anticipated to be no more than twenty-six (thirteen national teams). Associations on the AdFest Steering Committee will have first refusal for the places. These are 1) Mumbai (STACA), 2) Seoul (KFAA), 3) Jakarta (PPPI), 4) Tokyo (JAF), 5) Beijing (CAA), 6) Bangkok (AAT). Other city associations that have expressed and interest are 7) Kuala Lumpur, 8) Ho Chi Minh, 9) Singapore, 10) Manila, 11) Taipei, 12) Colombo, 13) Dhaka, 14) Hong Kong, 15) Karachi and 16) Kathmandu.

Benefits of the Attendees

1. A chance to work with a selection of the best creative practitioners from the Asia Pacific advertising
2. Absorb essential creative know-how from world-class advertising gurus
3. Learn techniques and tips directly form successful creative
4. Meet your peers and build on your industry contacts
5. Build strong team skills

Funding and Expenses

The funding of the Young Lotus Workshop will be split into three components.

1. Each local association will be responsible for the cost of any selection process used to pick the two candidates plus
the selected candidates’ airfare.
2. Each year, a network agency will be asked to provide the manpower and organization for the Young Lotus Workshop
Committee, including travel costs to and from Pattaya and accommodation costs. No agency will be allowed to
provide this for more than one year in succession. In the event that no agency will take the responsibility, the AdFest
Organizing Committee will be responsible for finding and funding independent “trainers” to sit on the Young Lotus
Workshop Committee.
3. An industry sponsor will be found to be responsible for on-the-ground expenses for the participants, including AdFest
registration fees, accommodation during the workshop and AdFest event, meals and learning facilities, such as
computer accessories. In the event that no sponsor is found, the AdFest Organizing Committee will cover these

Details of Expenses (For Associations’ Reference)

1. Accommodation
2. Meals
3. Package Meeting + Meeting Room Rental
4. Computer Accessories (including wiring/LAN connections/Internet package/telephone line)
5. Waive of Registration Fee
6. Speakers’ air ticket + transfer
7. Speakers’ accommodation + meals

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