Wednesday, 1 August 2007

To make an award-winning advertising works is not easy

To make an award-winning advertising works is not easy, a proven commercial advertising is not easy, for a successful advertising even more difficult by the approach of final exams one day to find a communication arts teachers, he suddenly said to me, or to go in a row at the adfest called the International Advertising Festival. I think the international advertising festival, but as can be seen many outstanding advertising works, it will be very interesting, agreeing down. Starting the day to a row to quickly, in Bangkok Advertising Festival office workers to watch the truck moved countless works of the boxes aside, a variety of office supplies computer what, almost the entire company gave the evacuated. I began to feel that the advertising of the oncoming force is not small. Before, in my mind, an advertising almost to the concept of a photo exhibition, is not put a lot of advertising images affixed to the wall so that we view Kanma, since the ads are what the picture is well prepared, so many computer and office equipment, and so on. Now, come to think of the idea before it is really simple. The next day, tedious preparation work has officially begun. Early in the morning we went to the Convention Center, in the muggy auditorium Lane to thousands of advertising entries affixed stickers, then the shuttle thousands of square meters of the HKCEC by certain types and sequence of all the advertisements affixed to the walls of the exhibition hall. After one day at least everyone is running more than 000 km of it. There are various labels such as production, labeling, the Conference questionnaire prepared passes, commemorative T-shirt count such things. Things seem small, multiplied by the advertising tremendous size, workload very loud. So one day we all get down from the. So organizers night seafood dinner guests to size as compensation. The third day to finish the work I started to see the collated display advertising works, the first is a feeling it is too much! (It was later learned that 5,000 entries), there are Auditorium A series of eight works, I spent almost half an hour before reading one. Auditorium corridors to link the works of the count there are at least a few kilometers. But one look at advertising is so tired, but not read all the entries, I think a trip to the White Advertising Festival. So in the evening, I see dizziness, the absolute Scott said. It was not until the night when my whole body unable to lie on the bed when learned is indeed quite high, many very interesting to see the works. For me personally about can be divided into several levels : the do not understand how the advertising; Very plain ordinary advertising, not too many new ideas; very shocking picture, but people think of a theme and what ties; people feel that knowing smile very creative, very lovely images; one can understand it, they praise such arrangements are imaginative; a perplexing start, suddenly understand this will be the creative people think this is a must too. I found good advertising images, text and products to work closely together, as with the first people will feel Photo interesting to see the Record feel that the text is finishing touch. to see products feel that the time is Delicacies. CRIC gradually arrived at the hotel, started a formal assessment process the staff has been busy tracking where they were to ensure that they will appear in their place of the. I ran back and forth to translate some advertising on the Chinese meaning and try to bring the essence of Chinese meaning to listen to the judges, so they can better understand China's advertisements convey meaning. This time, young creative business Young Lotus Workshop began. This is a very interesting activities, each city sent two young advertising people to the game, in the 48-hour period to create a positive image of a row reflects the theme of 60 seconds TVC. There will be senior advertising to some talks and proposals. There photographers throughout their activities photograph them. 48 hours, subject to know formal handover works, but are only using a mobile phone for use only, it was really very challenging. From Shanghai, China's two boys are very good advertising people, I helped to translate something, They discussed with a bit of creativity, the desire to help them. Meanwhile, I started the work, is responsible for all international media reception. Although 2:00 sponsor, the official opening could not be treated lightly. 7:30 I went to the Convention Center hall ready to the media, the information folder and wait for the arrival of the media. Because full preparations, even to the media, the procedures for registration of a little trouble, but still did not get out what is wrong. From this part of the registration, people can see the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in the management and organization is quite good. In particular, I just Canada's World University debates back claims that the Olympic Games the biggest academic event there are more than 1,500 participants, which can be confusing time for the registration process to report back so I was really fresh. Organizations such a large activity is really not an easy matter. Each department needs every link closely with, can be wrong. Visitors may not feel that every time they visit. staff at all times in a wide variety of matters. This time, I personally participated in the work only aware of this point. All kinds of links to a spokesman for the talks, to ensure that he arrived at the venue; the jury decided to award the need to ensure that the judges were present; major media interviews to the judges, the President, he needs to arrange a time; several women journalists have been busy from morning to night every day adfestbuzz published in the daily, pictures from script to print layout of each part not simple; various numerous to mention any information on the preparations. All of the hard work of silence is to allow the entire Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival running in an orderly manner, this made me aware of teamwork and the importance of the spirit of cooperation. Because of this advertising is not yet at the Chinese translation, So I arranged End I subordinates to temporary work when a number of translation. Now, come to think of translation is a lot to be done to prepare the ground language skills and challenges of the work. What I have in foreign countries in English, even the English debate ever winning the game, no exchange is a natural, However, to achieve the two languages easily turned each other, I also need to work and do the preparatory work for the information. In an interview with the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, Mr Guobacheng the process, I learned a lot of new things, Asia Pacific Advertising Festival's history ah. Along the way approaching ah difficult and 10 years of innovation. Founder uphold the spirit and perseverance is worthy of the later study. Interviews also had access to several excellent general judge, amazing experience, the advertising section of the views and recommendations of the advertising for some of the proposals made me feel benefited. I understand that advertising is not only an interesting idea it, advertising is a profound scholarship.

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